The Cycle of Violence in East Congo Hurts Our Brothers and Sisters

  • For over 25 years, hundreds of thousands have lost their lives and livelihoods due to decades of conflict in eastern DR Congo.
  • In the 1990s the area was impacted by the Rwandan genocide, two Congo wars, and other political unrest resulting in deaths, injuries, loss of property, and starvation.
  • Militias, including the Mai Mai, target other ethnic groups, including the Banyamulenge tribe, attacking their right to live in their homeland.
  • With inadequate government intervention from DR Congo due in part to ethnic bias and political turmoil, families feel powerless but pray the world will take notice.
  • Thousands have been forced to flee their homeland becoming displaced persons in their own country or refugees in other countries.
  • Recently, attacks have resumed in the Minembwe region. Killings, lootings, burnings of village are taking place. Thousands are suffering from hunger and malnutrition. Babies and children under 5 and pregnant and nursing mothers are most at risk from Kwashiorkor and malnutrition.

People have lost their homes, their homeland, and their security. Read these stories of loss and how the heart yearns to find a safe place or return to their homeland where they have spent their lives with family and friends and treasure countless memories.