Congo Peace Advocates for the Following Eight Action

1. We are asking U.S. churches and other religious communities to pray regularly for the people of the Congo for an end to their suffering, and a positive way forward for the nation. Our group dedicates the first Friday of each month toward this end. We also encourage support of humanitarian work in the DRC that seeks to meet the needs of refugees, rape victims, and others traumatized by the ongoing violence in the country, particularly in the Eastern Congo.

2. We are asking the Obama Administration to appoint a high-level U.S. representative to work closely with the United Nations and the countries of the Great Lakes region to broker a lasting peace agreement for the Democratic Republic of Congo. The U.S. can and should take a lead role in putting pressure on Rwanda and Uganda to not continue destabilizing the DRC through proxy forces and rebellions, or by exporting their internal political conflicts and problems on DRC soil. Congo Peace calls for an end to U.S. and British military training and support to Rwanda and Uganda that contributes to conflict in the Eastern Congo.

3. Pressure US mining and industrial corporations not to be part of the current plundering of the DRC natural resources or of any  “blood minerals” business. Along the same line, companies that produce electronics that could contain conflict minerals from eastern Congo, have a responsibility to ensure that their business dealings are not inadvertently helping to fuel atrocities. Congo Peace  supports the work of The Enough Project that calls electronic companies into accountability for their mining interests in the war-torn country. For action steps, visit Further, Congo Peace urges strict enforcement of new legislation that would force U.S. companies to track and disclose the country of origin of minerals used in common electronic products.

4. Exercise political, economic and diplomatic pressures on the DRC government against impunity, human rights violations, corruption, mismanagement and undemocratic governance, including the encouragement of a transparent election process.

5. Strongly oppose any political or economic attempts to balkanize the DRC and advocate  for a strong and stable DRC in the region.

6. Hold international arms dealers accountable for their shipment of weapons to militias in the Congo.

7. Call for international criminal justice entities, such as the International Criminal Court, to indict heads of militias operating in the DRC who perpetuate horrific violence against women and who have a track record of recruiting children.

8. Congo Peace calls for the media to report more thoroughly on the situation in the Congo. It is appalling that the most destructive world conflict of our times has received so little media attention.

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