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The Politics of Genocide Allow Atrocities in the Congo to Continue

The international community seems to have a huge capacity to look the other way when the victims of a genocide are Africans, and a larger issue is how slowly the world comes to terms with mass killings that take place … Continue reading

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New York Times Congo Series Leaves Many Unanswered Questions

Nicholas Kristof, New York Times international correspondent, recently completed a series of articles, op-ed’s and blog postings about his recent visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo. His final entry was The Grotesque Vocabulary in Congo. His series, which concentrated … Continue reading

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Why is the President of Rwanda Receiving International Peace Awards?

Several recent books makes us wonder why Bill Clinton and evangelical leader Rick Warren honored Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda, with international peace awards. The authors of these books make compelling cases that Kagame’s forces have been responsible for … Continue reading

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