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The War the World Ignores in the Congo

The Syrian civil war, with all of the harm done to civilians, now has the world’s attention. The Obama administration, by threatening a missile strike, is claiming the moral high ground in responding to the use of chemical weapons. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton: Central Africa Needs You as a Peacemaker

When it comes to Rwanda, former U.S. President Bill Clinton appears to be at odds not only with the Obama Administration, but also some outspoken members of Congress, the United Nations, and notable human rights groups.  Rwanda’s support of the M23 militia, currently … Continue reading

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To Save Congo, Listen to the People of Congo

Jeffrey Herbst’ and Greg Mills’ recent Foreign Policy article “The Invisible State — It’s time we admit the Democratic Republic of Congo doesn’t exist” comes at a time when the soporific medication administered to the international community by the proponents … Continue reading

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Those Who Dare to Oppose the DRC Regime

Joseph Kabila, the president of the DRC, was re-elected in December 2011 in an election that was roundly criticized by international observers as corrupt. Since that election the Congo continues to be a very dangerous place for anyone who questions … Continue reading

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Peace Deal Signed, But Accountability Lacking

African leaders, meeting in Ethiopia, signed a U.N.-mediated deal on February 24, a “comprehensive framework agreement” intended to bring peace to the the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The previous week at the Brookings Institution U.S. Assistant … Continue reading

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Our Plea: More Truth, More Accountability

As our group participated in protests in front of the White House and attended a Congressional hearing on the Congo last week, there was a sense that the long-submerged truth about the cause of the violence was beginning to emerge. … Continue reading

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Rice Should be Replaced as US Ambassador to UN

President Obama will decide soon whether he wants to nominate Susan Rice for secretary of state. It is the opinion of our group that not only is Rice unfit to be Secretary of State but because she also has had … Continue reading

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US Should Do More in Congo

Last week while the media was fixed on Gaza, the Rwanda-backed militia known as M23 took over Goma, the most important city in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This latest surge of violence, which started months … Continue reading

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Calling on Congress to Address the Crisis in the Kivus

The M23 rebel group, who U.N. experts say are backed by neighboring Rwanda, on Sunday advanced to within 5 km of Goma, the provincial capital of Congo’s North Kivu province, after pushing back U.N. peacekeepers and government troops, Reuters has … Continue reading

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An Assassination Attempt on Congo’s Good Doctor

Congo’s compassionate hero Dr. Denis Mukwege, who has reportedly treated more than 40,000 women in the last 12 years — and performed more than 15,000 operations on women whose genitals and internal organs have been destroyed by sexual violence, has … Continue reading

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